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Sydney Sunset cocktail-mocktail

Sydney Sunset mocktail or cocktail

Follow the links to recipes made with fresh fruit, juices, syrups and ice. Built, shaken or blended there is a lot of fun to be had with mocktails. For more recipes and info surf the categories mocktails and blogtails.

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2010 Mocktail List

Sydney Sunset – oj, cranberry and pineapple juice with a drop of grenadine
Frappes and Virgin Daiquiris – mixed berry, banana, mango and passion fruit, seasonal fruits: blended with sweet and sours
Tropical Cyclone – pineapple and other juices with a splash of passion fruit.
Bananarama – banana, lemon, gomme, apple juice
Virgin Apple Mojito – lime pieces, apple juice mint, raw sugar, mineral water

—-Other Mocktails—-

Blended Mocktails 


Mixed Frappe – raspberry and mango frappes blended separately and layered into glass

Virgin Daiquiris – mixed berry, banana, mango and passion fruit, choose 1 or more…
Frappes – mixed berry, banana, mango and passion fruit, choose 1 or more…
Nina Colada – pineapple juice, coconut cream, gomme
Toblerone – chocolate, honey, cream, almonds
Mud Slide – chocolate, cream, gomme
Banana Split – banana, honey, coconut cream, cream

Built Mocktails

Sunrise – oj, pineapple and cranberry juice with a drop of grenadine
Lemon, Lime & Bitters – lemonade, lime, lime pieces, bitters
Soda, Lime & Bitters – lemonade, lime, lime pieces, bitters
Shirley Temple – lemonade, grenadine, maraschino cherry
Traditional Shirley Temple – ginger ale, oj, maraschino cherry
Fire Engine – lemonade, grenadine, lemon
Pommeade – Apple juice, mint, lime squeezed topped with lemonade

Crushed Mocktails

Virgin Mojito – lime pieces, mint, raw sugar, soda
Caipiroska – limes, raw sugar muddled and topped with lemonade, soda or juice
Lychee Mash – lychee, lime, apple juice
Apple Pine – apples, limes, raw sugar, topped with pineapple juice
Eastern Mule – mint, lime pieces topped with ginger ale

Shaken Mocktails

Pash Apple – apple juice, passion fruit, apple, lime
Sunset – oj, pineapple juice with a dash of passion fruit
Dry Ruby Rabbit – ruby red grapefruit, lime, orange peel
Tropical Cyclone – pineapple juice, passion fruit

Hot and Warm Mocktails

Hot Mint Infusions – so easy and very relaxing