James Bond Casino Cocktail List


Gimlet: a timeless but potent classic

This popular theme works perfectly when combined with a few casino tables or for black tie events. A few different Martinis are always good but be warned a traditional martin is not for the faint hearted, some other cocktails below will suit the aplate of your guests much better.

James Bond Cocktail List – CocktailClub favourites

Appletini – vodka, apple liqueur, apple juice, sweet and sour
French Martini – vodka, black current liqueur, pineapple juice
Berry Martini – vodka, berry liqueur, strawberries
Espresso Martini – coffee, vodka, coffee liqueur, syrup
Traditional Martinis – vodka or gin, sweet, dry or dirty, shaken or stirred, lemon twist or olives
Black/white Russian – vodka, coffee liqueur cola/milk
Gin Martini with Olives

More Martinis

Chocolate Martini – vodka, crème de cacao, grated chocolate
Orange Martini – vodka, triple sec, orange rind
Mezze Martini – lace is in balsamic vinegar, shake vodka with olive brine, garnish with marinated olives, artichoke or peppers
Bloody Martini – lace ice with Worcestershire sauce , shake vodka with, pepper, a few drops of Tabasco, a squeeze of lemon/lime and ground pepper, garnish with 3 cherry tomatoes a little grind of pepper
Berry basil Martini – muddle basil and berries, shake with vodka and berry liqueur, double strain into chilled martini glass
Sloe Martini – Sloe gin, gin, vodka, shaken and garnished with berries

Your favourite martini isn’t above? Just let us know and we’ll add it to your cocktail list.

Martini Facts

Steeped in mystery, this simplistic cocktail has many subtle variations as requested by some often times renowned connoisseurs. Ingredients and preparation methods vary and an exact recipe can depend on the ultimate consumer with a few rules guiding the bartender’s final product.

Traditional Martinis

Traditionally the martini cocktail was made with gin and vermouth and garnished with an olive. For more than 100 years the martini has been mixed by bartenders for mostly high class folks from business people, who indulged in a ‘3 martini lunch’, to American Presidents, making it probably the most well-known mixed alcoholic beverage. James Bond asked for his martini ‘shaken not stirred’, just one of many variations.

A measure of sweet vermouth, sometimes substituted with lime, is laced over fresh ice in a martini glass. Gin, often substituted with vodka, stored at room temperature, or in the freezer, is stirred, or shaken with fresh ice. The ice is expelled from the chilled martini glass leaving a little, or no, vermouth. The super cold spirit is strained into the chilled glass. A few skewered olives for gin, or a rind of lemon twisted over the glass, are added as a garnish and contributing flavor.

Classic martini variations

Sweet: up to 15ml of sweet vermouth remain in the final cocktail
Dry: no, or almost no, vermouth
Gibson: substituting a cocktail onion as a garnish
Gimlet: lace ice with lime cordial, often vodka with a lemon twist and no vermouth
Dirty: adding a small measure of brine to the spirit mix
Filthy: adding a measure of brine to the spirit mix
Smoky: adding a dash of scotch or whiskey
Straight up: strain out all the ice
On the rocks: stained over fresh ice, even in a rocks glass

Martinis today

Today there is an almost unlimited and often extremely creative and tasty array of ‘martinis’, sometimes referred to ‘martini style’ cocktails. Almost any drink served straight up in a martini glass can be referred to as a martini. Adding a dash of fruit liqueur, syrup and/or juice, and some fruit or garnish to match, could make an amazing martini given the right quantities and preparation methods.

From berries to chocolate, and from a citrus base to savory ingredients, keep looking at your favourite bars cocktail lists or check out the cocktailclub.co blog for the latest of martinis to tantalise your palate.

Please enjoy responsibly.


Brilliant – thanks Jeremy! I really appreciate you organising everything at such short notice. We had fantastic feedback from all staff – I think the cocktails went down very well!

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