2010 Seasonal Lists

Every season 2010 develops a new cocktail list to reflect not only the changing fruits and ingredients but also the ever changing cocktail scene. With twisted traditional cocktails and magic modern cocktails our lists are designed to have a range of drinks to suit all different folks and also work perfect for mobile cocktail bar events.

Autumn 2011 – Cocktail list

Pomme Crush – mixed pomme fruits muddled with lime wedges and brown sugar, shaken with a heavy pour of vodka and some apple schnapps.

La Long Paloma – Fresh grapefruit juice, sweet and sour, 45mls tequila topped with lemonade or 45mls tequila in a long glass topped with grapefruit soda.

Stone(d) Pony – Seasonal stone fruits blended with white rum and vodka, dash of sweet and sour served in an absinth (or substitute) laced martini glass.

French Fig – Fig Jam shaken with vodka, Chambord and sweet and sour and a dash of apple juice, served in a martini with quartered fresh fig.

Kiwi Crush – Kiwi fruit muddled with lime and raw sugar, shaken with 60mls of cachaca.


Summer – 2010/2011

Grape Martini

Watermelon Caipiroska

Blueberry Mojito

Summer Sling


Spring – 2010

Bananaberry Daiquiri

Watermelon Caipiroska

Mandarin Caipirinha

Blood orange muddle

Lychee martini

Mixed melon frappes

Please enjoy responsibly

Check back for our summer list coming soon…