Team Building Cocktail Classes

Teams at cocktail stations

Teams at cocktail stations

During these hands on mini courses participants form as part of a team by learning practical skills which will help them to make cocktails at home but also learn to appreciate different ingredients tastes and textures, history and more. They provide an excellent start the on quest for cocktail knowledge as well as help with the selection and appreciation of cocktails in the great small bars around Sydney and the world!

Shake & Muddle: recommended

By far our most popular style of cocktail class are the ‘Shake & Muddle’ sessions which see teams of 3-6 participants manning cocktail stations and learning different styles of cocktails and what makes them great.

Time frame: 1 – 2.5hrs
Activity rounds: 5-15mins (focus on presenter then complete activity)
Group size: 8-25 only
Venue style: Office, Private Home, Private Cocktail Bar or Function Space

How it works:

  • 3-6 participants make their way to a station forming a team
  • A brief intro participants get straight into making their own shaken cocktail
  • Some history and open ended questions gets everyone thinking and working for their team
  • Mojito times, make your own muddled cocktail
  • Daiquiri demo

Cocktail Creation Class

Teams will form at cocktail stations to go through making several rounds of classic cocktails in a certain time frame as training for creating a cocktail, naming it and providing a good story to present/market their cocktail to the entire group.

Time frame: 2.5 – 3hrs
Activity rounds: 15-60mins (focus on mixologist for demonstration then complete all activities)
Group size: 8-20 only
Venue style: Office, Private Home, Private Cocktail Bar or Function Space

Cocktails will be judged in regards to the following criteria.

  • Look/feel
  • Name, background, method in a good story as presented by a team member
  • Taste; balance, depth, complexity
  • Classic or twisted classic cocktails as per below recipes will be accepted into competition
cocktail-class-stations Sydney

2-4 people work from cocktails station as above^

A side competition of free pouring will add an extra dynamic to the course. The aim is to get exactly 30mls in a free pour of water into a shaker which is then measured into a jigger. Run in knock out rounds where the best participants from each team step up to enter the finals.

Just one of the many things participants will learn is the cocktail Rhyme Rule:
1 of Sour
2 of Sweet
3 of Strong
4 of Weak

This simple rule is a fantastic guideline for inventing your own cocktails and relates back to many of the classics such as the Daiquiri, Margarita, Kamikaze, Caipirinha/Caipiroska, Sours (whiskey, bourbon, amaretto), Slings the Mojito and the Cosmopolitan.

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Cocktail class, Corporate team building

Cocktail class, Corporate team building


Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for a fantastic session last Tuesday afternoon. We all had a great time!

I was wondering if you can please send me the recipe for the cosmos and the mojitos so I can pass them onto the group.

Thank you!
Bayer Health Care