Make Your Own Cocktail session

Grab a shaker and make your very own cosmopolitan, mojito, daiquiri other other delicious classic. Great for large corporate events or hens parties as it gets everyone involved in the action with a minimum of fuss.


Make your own Cosmopolitan!

Time frame: 1/2hr – 3hrs
Activity rounds: 5-10mins
Group size: 10-100+
Venue style: Office, Private Home, Cocktail Bar or Functions Space

How it works:

  • Groups of 3-6 participants approach one of the cocktail stations (Mojito, Cosmo etc) ready to shake!
  • Focus on your bartender for a quick demonstration of 1 cocktail
  • Grab a shaker, add ingredients and make your own cocktail
  • Re-join the event with a cocktail made by your very own hand to compare and catch up with the rest of the team/office.
  • Repeat: Participants are able to make as many or few cocktails as they like or even just ask the bartender to make them one!

Whilst 1 round of participants is shaking up a cocktail, the next round observes, takes photos and mentally prepares themselves for the task ahead.

Sessions can be at different stations as part of a larger event or just thrown in as part of our normal Mobile Cocktail Bar.

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Having a bar tender at the bridal shower was a great hit! It was entertaining and everyone enjoyed tasting the different cocktails and competing in the cocktail making competition.

Francesco did a fantastic job, the cocktails tasted great, each one was presented with care and he was very professional!.

Hens making cocktails

Hens making cocktails!

Based on our experience, I would definaltely select 2010 Productions for future events.

Thank you for helping me make this event such a success.


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