Cocktail Creation and Appreciation Course

This course is currently not available due to the current relocation of our business premises to make way for the WestConnex project. 🙁

Held in our amazing open plan warehouse space in St Peters this course covers all the ins and outs of making cocktails.

Cocktail Classes at 2010 HQ in Sydney

Cocktail Classes at 2010 HQ in St Peters NSW

Approximate time: 1 x 2hr session per week for 4-6 weeks
Groups of 5-20 people
Learn how to make and appreciate cocktails, ingredients and cocktail bars like a connoisseur

For the Cocktail Appreciation and Creation course students attending evening sessions make 2+ cocktails per session. A focus on different styles of cocktails promotes open discussion about cocktail history, ingredients and techniques.

Call us now with for course guidelines and session information on 02 8068 9519 or enter all your enquiry on our contact us page.

Cocktail Classes at 2010 HQ in Sydney

Cocktail Classes: flair lessons