Team Building Mocktail Classes

Mocktails are a great way to experience the visuals and taste of mixed drinks without alcohol. The 2010 Mocktail Class can add a real element of fun to corporate events and Team Building exercises. Using fresh and frozen ingredients, juices and lots of ice, Mocktails are a healthy alternative to Cocktails when you are planning an event in business hours, or guests need to drive home safely after the event.

Mocktails come in a massive variety of shapes, sizes, and traditions – blended, built, crushed, shaken and muddled. Having an event involving the making and drinking of Mocktails is by no means boring! 2010 has years of experience in making healthy and fun non-alcoholic beverages for corporate and private events – check out our extensive Mocktail Lists and  let us share some of the tricks with you!


Mixed Frappe – raspberry/mango frappes blended separately and layered into glass

  1. Sequence of events: Shaken Sunset – learn to use a Boston Shaker tin to make a shaken Mocktail on ice.
  2. Non-alcoholic free-pour competition – learn to free pour 30ml shots with water and cocktail equipment.
  3. Muddled Mocktail class – apple and strawberry Mojito’s
  4. Coulis and Sugar Syrup recipes and uses.
  5. Fresh lemonade – learn the ratio’s to make a simple, refreshing and healthy classic.
  6. Blended frappe demonstration – the correct method of combining ingredients to achieve the perfect frappe.

The Mocktail class also includes advice on how to add alcohol to compliment the flavours of the mocktails to transform them into cocktails. By the end of the class your clients/employees should have enough knowledge to make:

Virgin Daiquiris and Frappes – mixed berry, banana, mango and passion fruit, seasonal fruits
Shaken Sunset – oj, pineapple juice with a drop of grenadine
Fresh Lemonade – start a new business on the weekend with a lemonade stall!
Muddled Mojitos – using fruit, sugar and soda – a Latin classic.

Not only are Mocktail Classes fun, they are a responsible way to create a rapport within your group, arming them with skills and knowledge that can be used in the future. Once your team has learnt the basics, they can improvise with a variety of ingredients and the possibilities are endless!


Mobile Cocktails for Corporate Entertainment

Dear Jeremy

Thank you so much to you and the 2010 team for providing such delicious mocktails for our Conference’s Healthy morning tea.

Wrigleys Mockails

Refreshing Mocktails for Wrigleys Conference

Our associates were delighted with the set up, the music, the colourful shirts and most especially the delicious range of mocktails you and your staff made for us. I can imagine that making this for 100+ people was no mean feat! It was a sure-fire way to refresh everyone and have them revived for a hard morning of training after a late night Gala the night before.

Thanks again and we look forward to using you in the near future.