Cocktail Classes & Courses

Cocktail class, Corporate team building

Cocktail class, Corporate team building

We offer a range of cocktail classes to suit different corporate or private events. From short cocktail demos to more focused team building cocktail classes participants have a few cocktails, learn as individuals and enjoy a unique chance to connect with their team in a workplace or more social environment.

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Make Your Own Cocktail Session
  • Time frame: 1/2hr – 3hrs
  • Activity rounds: 5-10mins
  • Group size: 10-100+
  • Venue style: Office, Private Home, Cocktail Bar or Functions Space
Team Building Cocktail Class
  • ‘Shake & Muddle’ or ‘Cocktail Creation’
  • Time frame: 1 – 3hrs
  • Activity rounds: 5-15mins
  • Group size: 8-30 only
  • Venue style: Office, Private Home, Private Cocktail Bar or Function Space
Cocktail Demo and Introductory Session
  • Time frame: 10-30mins
  • Group size: 3-12
  • Venue style: Office, Private Home or Functions Space
Cocktail Creation and Appreciation Course
  • This course is currently not available due to the current relocation of our business premises to make way for the WestConnex project. 🙁

Our cocktail classes are a fun and rewarding way for participants to learn about the different elements of cocktail mixing and creation. For groups of 3-30 or larger we tailor the above styles of cocktail classes to suit the client or event. Be it a quick cocktail demo or a class with a general or particular focus, participants finish the experience feeling great they have learned something useful in a range of social situations…not just from the cocktail creations they have enjoyed!

Pervonia, team building cocktail class and Village Hotel Darlighurst

Pervonia, ‘Shake & Muddle’ Cocktail Class
Village Hotel Sydney

Venues for cocktail classes in greater Sydney

Our cocktail classes can be held in almost any space that suits the numbers participating from a range of cocktails bars, venues and spaces or we’ll come to you. An in-house meeting room with a few tables would work but of course the nicer the venue, the more it adds to the cocktail experience. There are some fantastic venues in Sydney but this mostly depends on your budget.

Cocktail Classes suit:

  • Team building and social events
  • Friday afternoon surprise for staff
  • Hens parties, Bridal Showers
  • Mobile Cocktail Bar addition

More Information

From the equipment to the ingredients, the methods and then history; there is much to learn when it comes to mixing drinks. Below are some things that are covered in our classes.

What is a cocktail?

Mixing Cocktails

team building challenge

Team Building Challenge

Making cocktails is not hard. Working a busy cocktail bar and maintaining the standard of great cocktails late into the night in some possibly hectic situations, is the hard part.

Starting with some easier recipes and concepts we move on to apply some general rules and learn some preliminary facts and history. This will open doors to an endless quest for great cocktails, flavours and an amazingly interesting, culturally rich history of all things liquid and some things not.

Flair Bar tending

Flair bar-tending combines juggling feats of ordinary bar items with the serving of cocktails to fantastic effect. Learning a few tricks is great fun and builds confidence when mixing drinks at home or behind the bar.

Cocktail and Spirit History

A cocktail is a style of mixed drink. Originally a mixture of distilled spirits, sugar, water, and bitters, the word has gradually come to mean almost any mixed drink containing alcohol. A cocktail today usually contains one or more types of liquor and one or more mixers, such as bitters, fruit juice, fruit, soda, ice, sugar, honey, milk, cream, or herbs. What is a cocktail? Click here to find out more!

Creating Cocktails

A balance of sweet and sour forms the base of most cocktail creations, often starting with a desired flavour or special spirit and balancing the ingredients with dashes, drops and splashes of mixers, syrups and more. A small taste of each ingredient before mixing will help place it’s contribution to the final cocktail.

Cocktail kits for the winners are also a rewarding addition.


Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for a fantastic session last Tuesday afternoon. We all had a great time!

I was wondering if you can please send me the recipe for the cosmos and the mojitos so I can pass them onto the group.

Thank you!
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