Clock Hotel cocktail bar review

Venetian at Clock

The Venetian at The Clock

Heading to the clock to meet some girls (1 being my partner) and it also happened to be cocktail happy hour at The Clock Hotel, Surry Hills. I must say I am a bit of a sucker for cocktail happy hour as getting the same cocktail for close to half price suits me fine and fortunately I arrived just 1 minute before 6pm so I was able to sneak in a few before 7pm!

Certainly a big draw card to the Clock is the large balcony that goes right around the front and side of the building and is great to watch the goings on around Crown st, Surry Hills. But as per my general impression of this place over the last 10+ years the service was efficient and hospitable but definitely not super friendly.

My first clocktail (slip intended) The Venetian consisted of a simple mix of gin and Aperol shaken with lime juice and simple syrup served in a coupe. The bartender mentioned rightly that it was along the lines of a Negroni and it was a great drink, very suited to my dry palate, however a simple twist as a flavor complementing garnish would have made it an excellent c(l)ocktail.

Clock Manhattan cocktail

Clock Manhattan

Next, the Clocks version of a Manhattan uses Single Batch Jim Beam, rosso and bitters shaken on ice. This meant that the traditionally stirred Manhattan cocktail was very watery. I was prompted by the list to try the Clocks version but I wouldn’t recommend this almost passable standard at this establishment.

Both glasses taken chilled from the fridge were then iced without a lace…strange.

Still a nice eve, in a nice almost cool place. I’ll keep this one as an arvo option..

Clock Hotel (02) 9331 5333
470 Crown Street Surry Hills NSW 2010

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