Jester Seeds; add a Charlie Chaplin indeed! – cocktail bar review

Yes! A great addition to this end of Kings st, Newtown. Immediately welcoming with open doors and tasful old school comfy couches complimented by smooth rockin tunes plus great comfy seating niches that wind all the wall to a mini courtyard out back. Exactly what I was after; my fantastic Aperol Gin Sour took only a few seconds too long but there was only quality in the rounded stylish tumbler complete with a specially sourced maraschino cherry & 1 massive rock (to keep the cocktail cold but not dilute the crafted beverage).

Jester Seeds Aperol Gin Sour

Jester Seeds Aperol Gin Sour (half consumed, yum!)

Ray the owner operator was smooth, skilled and helpful the whole way to all guests helping with food and cocktail choices.

A Charlie Chaplin was the next choice from the $10 happy hour specials board (changes weekly), I snuk in another 1 before 7pm as the place started to fill up (tunes subtly adjusted…). My Charlie Chaplin was a great blend of sloe gin, brandy and lime. Served straight up in a coupé glass with kitschy cool trim and saucer attached!

Jesters Seeds Charlie Chaplin

Jesters Seeds Charlie Chaplin

Nuts and special sliders filled me nicely and fit right into the hip pocket…not to fault the delicious pulled lamb chilly sliders x3, but the buns could have been toasted.

‘Oh yeah!’ I exclaimed several times as I smacked my chops and swilled by beverages….

No coffee :( but a nice pour of cognac to finish up too early. I’ll super try to come back but sooooo many cool small bars to try these days. Love it, loved it!

Jester Seeds 9557 7008
127 King Street Newtown‎ NSW‎

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